Full Moon

The full moon has risen high in the evening sky, but it is pale and translucent – partly obscured by wispy clouds. Because it is full, the tide is exceedingly high and almost covers the wetlands.

Today, the marsh was a spiky green carpet laid atop rich, brown mudflats. Spring rains have made it lush and multi-hued – primary green, lime green, pastel green, green crowned with tiny red nubs.

Tonight, much of the marsh has been transformed by moonlight into shallow, glowing silvery pools.

The sun has slipped below the horizon, but stubbornly refuses to completely disappear. It lingers in the west streaking the sky with bands of soft colors like an artist’s watercolor wash. There are myriad shades of pink, orange, and gold intermingled with turquoise sky. Remnants of sunlight gild the bay, turning the water into undulating raspberry-orange and silver wavelets that move gently…incessantly…hypnotically.

For just a moment this day is suspended between twilight and night.

“Reverence is the recognition of something greater than self…(it) stands in awe of something – something that dwarfs the self…”

from: An Altar in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor

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