Martin Z. Mollusk Day in Ocean City, NJ

Pennsylvania has its groundhog…Ocean City has its hermit crab. And this month, our relatively famous Martin Z. Mollusk made his 36th. annual beach crawl seeking his shadow. When Martin sees his shadow (there’s no doubt, he ALWAYS sees his shadow), summer will come one week early to Ocean City, New Jersey.

In addition to stale pizza crusts, Martin adores a great amount of public fuss; this year was no exception. He was carried to the beach on his throne accompanied by a retinue including Miss New Jersey, Inspector Clue Slow (who verifies the shadow-sighting), and the Ocean City High School Band. An enthusiastic crowd joined in singing the Martin Z Mollusk Song,

“Some Enchanted Morning,
You may see a tree crab,
Across a crowded beach…”*

Scarborough Inn Manager, Jenn Freeman, attended this auspicious occasion with her two daughters who were apparently more interested in making Sand Angels than shaking Martin’s claw. Fame is so fleeting!

Martin Z. Mollusk is the brain child (er, crab) of Ocean City’s Public Relations Director, Mark Soifer, who undoubtedly penned the lyrics for the theme song.* If you are interested in receiving regular updates about even more special events so you can attend these during your stay at the Scarborough Inn, call City Hall (609-525-9300). Really.

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