Bottlenose Dolphins Visit Ocean City, NJ

People aren’t the only mammals visiting the Jersey shore in the summertime; Bottlenose Dolphins frequent Ocean City, NJ coastal waters from about March until October. In fact, the Marine Mammal Stranding Center reports that Dolphin 56 has been coming to the region from the east coast of Florida since 1996.

Scarborough Inn B&B guests can catch a glimpse of these animals from the beach and boardwalk – just steps from the Inn. These sleek, social animals are amazing to watch cavorting in the Atlantic Ocean enjoying their fishy breakfast buffet. A pod will tend to swim parallel to the beach providing many opportunities for sightings.

There are also Whale Watching Cruises available for those who want to search for Bottlenose Dolphins (and other sea mammals) from the water.

Fascinating Facts About BOTTLENOSE DOLPHINS:

1. Delphinidae is the scientific family name for these mammals.
2. All Dolphins are Porpoises – a larger group that includes Orca & Beluga Whales.
3. Scientists claim that Dolphins communicate using sound (like moans, squeaks, and whistles), leaps, jaw snapping, and tail slapping.
4. Blowholes on their heads open and close allowing Dolphins to breathe.
5. Dolphins us echolocation, sending out high frequency clicks, that act like sonar to identify objects in the water.
6. Females give birth, usually to one calf, about every two to three years.
7. Dolphins are social animals and travel in pods (groups of about 12) or herds (several pods of about 100 or more).
8. Dolphins eat almost any kind of fish, plus crustaceans and squid.

For the protection of these amazing animals, the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 “…prohibits…any interaction that may disturb the natural behavior of the animal or increases the potential for injury.” (this includes )

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