Butterfly Migration Visits Scarborough Inn

Increasingly, Cape May County (New Jersey) is becoming known for the annual butterfly migration and experts report an abundance of species this year. They credit ample rain, followed by a warm spring for the increase in butterfly sightings. As a result, the gardens at the Scarborough Inn Bed & Breakfast in Ocean City have been visited by many varieties of these amazing insects.

Seemingly fragile, butterflies can actually travel thousands of miles during migration. Many people are aware of the Monarch Butterfly migration, but other species participate as well. In fact, New Jersey is home to just about 100 native species, but by early June, 2010, over 2,000 observations of butterflies were recorded and many more are expected throughout the summer.

The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, Painted Lady, and Silver Spotted Skipper are just a few of the butterfly species that travel through Cape May County and many visit the Scarborough Inn gardens as they head north. Our New Jersey garden is at its peak now and guests of the inn can enjoy observing (maybe even photographing) beautiful, bejeweled butterflies flitting among the lush flowers and blooming bushes.

During a vacation at the Scarborough Inn, guests could also view butterflies within 25 themed gardens at Leamings Run Gardens in Swainton – just about 20 minutes south of Ocean City. Established in 1978, Leamings Run sits on 30 acres and is the largest annual garden in the United States. There is a picnic area on site, but food is not sold, so bring your own refreshments. And don’t forget your camera, comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen and insect repellent! It is a beautiful setting; different in every season and well worth a visit during your Ocean City, NJ vacation.

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Leamings Run Gardens(609-465-5871)
open May – October (call for specific dates)
Admission charged for ages 7 and up

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  1. If anyone wants to read about BUTTERFLY MIGRATION, there's a good article in the Nov/Dec'09 National Geographic Traveler "In Search of Magic: An Incredible Journey on the Wings of Butterflies"
    (pp 82 – 88).

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