JULY is “National Ice Cream Month”

I just discovered that July is “National Ice Cream Month.” How could I have nearly missed this important event?

It seems this relatively new celebration was made official in 1984, by President Ronald Reagan when he designated July as “National Ice Cream Month.” Which, as I understand it, allows all Americans to eat ice cream with reckless abandon (“even more reckless abandon than usual” as stated on the Turkey Hill ice cream website) throughout the entire month!

Apparently, the original proclamation requested that all Americans celebrate ice cream with “appropriate ceremonies and activities.” Sounds good to me! So we (can’t leave Gus out of this one) have committed ourselves to conducting some serious research to find the best local ice creams. Of course, we will report our findings to you.

Also, we invite Scarborough Inn guests to conduct their own “field research” when in Ocean City, NJ during their Jersey Shore vacation and weigh in (maybe a bad choice of phrase?) on this important topic. Don’t worry, we’ll extend the deadline for this research.

So, let’s lift our bowls and spoons in homage to ice cream and a “HAPPY NATIONAL ICE CREAM MONTH to all!”

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