Moon Over the Jersey Shore

The moon plays an important role in influencing tides – and tides are very important to an island community. Here in Ocean City, NJ, tides are important to fishermen, surfers, beach goers, and even special event planners! The annual Night in Venice Boat Parade is always scheduled around the highest tide of the summer to allow access to the lagoons by the largest boats.

Of course, to romantics everywhere, the moon is the subject of poetry, the backdrop for proposals, and a favorite object in the night sky for those who just enjoy gazing skyward after dark.

When visiting the Scarborough Inn Bed & Breakfast, make some time to look at the night sky in search of the moon. On clear nights it creates a beautiful silvery trail across the ocean waves and is most easily spotted on more remote beaches – some distance from the lights of the boardwalk.

Sometimes, the moon is still visible in the early morning sky at the same time that the sun is peeking over the Eastern horizon. An autumn moon can be particularly spectacular – enormous, brilliantly copper colored, and truly an awesome sight!

[The photo is of an early morning full moon.]

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