Restaurant Review: TOKYO MANDARIN

Tokyo Mandarin Restaurant
4 West Roosevelt Blvd.
(Shop Rite Shopping Center)
Marmora, NJ 08223 609-390-8883

One of the things I like best about Oriental restaurants is that the food is often beautifully presented – like an edible work of art. So, it was with anticipation that we visited a relatively new Chinese & Japanese restaurant at the urging of good friends.

Ambiance – The restaurant is small and located in a shopping center, but inside the decor is simple, understated, and attractive. A picture of the famous Chinese Terra Cotta Warriors is the largest piece of artwork on the walls. Plates are white and geometric in shape; both Western utensils and chopsticks are provided swaddled in linen napkins.

Service – Our server was pleasant, efficient, and accommodating. He offered selection suggestions when requested (helpful for me!).

Food – The menu is extensive and was somewhat intimidating because of its size and the number of unfamiliar dishes. Some items included a brief description of the ingredients and there are other helpful aspects to the menu as well. For example, there are separate categories for Japanese and Chinese cuisine, suggestions for dieters, allergy warnings, a special designation for cooked sushi, and full color pictures of some dishes.

When the food arrived, it was beautifully presented, as I hoped. Even better, it was freshly prepared and everyone declared their choices delicious and filling. Most entrees came with rice, but one in our party had a soup starter. I selected a chicken dish that included dainty slivers of tender vegetables and sweet mango in a sauce with a little heat. It was wonderful and had a nice balance of flavors, colors, and textures. I had enough left over for a small lunch the following day. (I love a little “reprise” meal!)

At the conclusion of the meal, we were presented with a dessert plate for the table and with warm, moistened towels. The dessert included fresh orange wedges and fortune cookies. Unexpected…and a perfect ending!

(My fortune cookie said, “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”)

Price – Dinner for four was less than $70.00.

Details – Parking is free and ample at the Shopping Center. People of all ages who enjoy Oriental food or who are open to culinary adventures would enjoy the Tokyo Mandarin Restaurant. It is on “sidewalk level” for handicapped accessibility, but the dining room is not spacious so you might want to call ahead (ditto for children who require highchairs).

In addition to the Dine-In option, they offer a Sushi Bar, Lunch, Take-Out, and Catering options. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express accepted. B.Y.O.

Guests of the Scarborough Inn B&B can drive to this restaurant in less than 15 minutes, making this a convenient and interesting option for dining out.

Innsider Tip: If you want an alcoholic beverage with your meal, you will need to leave “dry” Ocean City. Super Liquor is conveniently located, right on the way to this restaurant, and has a nice selection. We will be happy to assist with driving directions!

Also, unless you don’t mind waiting, I suggest you call for Reservations due to the size of the establishment.

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