Waiting for Earl

Waiting for “Hurricane Earl” was like waiting for a Blind Date; there was definitely a mixture of anticipation and trepidation as meteorologists tracked the storm’s course along the Eastern seaboard. Would “Earl” make landfall on the Jersey Shore…or not?

Well, “Earl” packed more of a whimper than a wallop. Thank goodness! We experienced a day of overcast skies and a short period of rain – heavy for about 15 minutes – and then “Earl” skulked northward. We didn’t even get enough rain to water the Scarborough Inn gardens!

By late afternoon, people were strolling the Boardwalk and Downtown Ocean City. In fact, my sister and I enjoyed dinner at a downtown sidewalk cafe. As night fell, the sky was nearly a cloudless blue, streaked with the colors of the setting sun.

The storm had passed, the air was cooler and fresher, and the Labor Day weekend promised to be a winner!

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