Cape May NJ Winery, Crushing Grapes

We visited Cape May Winery over the weekend and just happened to be there when they were crushing grapes for this year’s Chardonnay.

No bare-footed workers merrily crushing grapes in a huge wooden container here! No, this operation was sleek, modern, and highly efficient.

A small forklift hoists a container of grapes over the crushing machine where a worker helps direct the fruit into the hopper. Here, the stems are removed and discarded in one direction; the freshly squeezed juice gushes through a hose and into waiting barrels in another direction. Then the “magic” begins as winemaker, Darren Hesington, guides the transformation of that grape juice into a fine wine over the coming months.

“This wine,” he informs us, “will be ready about next September.”

A trip to Cape May County vineyards can be a fascinating part of your Jersey Shore vacation (even if you miss the harvest) and we will be happy to supply Scarborough Inn B&B guests with directions and a map of our local Wine Trail.

Innsider Tip: Plan your visit to the Cape May Winery for late afternoon and enjoy a glass of wine on their expansive deck, or attractive new patio, overlooking the vineyard as dusk falls and raptors ride the thermals overhead.

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