Jersey Fresh, Pickles?

When visiting our local Farmer’s Market to get wonderful Jersey Fresh fruits and vegetables, I don’t often think…pickles! But New Jersey resident, Steve Zielinski, turned his love of his grandmother’s pickled vegetables into a “…business with a purpose.”

Starting with a salsa recipe featuring his home-grown veggies, Crazy Steve’s Pickles & Salsa was born, and continues to grow as he adds new varieties. His first culinary creation is called A Little More Than Half Sour (pickles) and he’s currently working on a cranberry habanero salsa – how Jersey is that? (Cranberries are an important commercial crop in New Jersey.)

The “business with a purpose” part spotlights different folks on jars of Steve’s pickles or salsa that he considers everyday heroes to “…give people inspiration that everyone can make a difference.” And he donates a portion of after-tax dollars from the sale of his products to “help make the world a better place.”

I learned about Crazy Steve’s Pickles & Salsa on a blog I came across recently. Jersey Bites: A Quest for Food with Attitude was launched in 2007 and is a self-described, “hub of all things edible in the Garden State.” What could be better? After all, my favorite food is food! The blog is thoughtfully organized by county, so when planning your Ocean City, NJ vacation, check out the Cape May County pages for the latest foodie news in our area.

Guests of the Scarborough Inn B&B enjoy Breakfasts that feature fresh, seasonal ingredients and sweet and savory Afternoon Refreshments as just part of the many amenities offered here at the inn. Crazy Steve’s pickles might be a great addition to the snacks offered every afternoon beginning at 4PM!

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