“Jersey Fresh,” Cranberries

Many American families will soon be gathering around their Thanksgiving tables to enjoy one of the treasures from New Jersey farms, cranberries!

Yes, the ruby red berries we love as a tangy, tasty complement to holiday turkey or ham come (at least in part) from the “Garden State.”  They thrive in sandy or in soft and marshy soil, often near wetlands.  In the Fall, bogs are flooded to facilitate harvest of the ripe fruit making the fields look like they have become scarlet lakes.  Amazingly, cranberries were originally painstakingly picked by hand.  Some South Jersey towns celebrate the harvest with Cranberry Festivals and one local municipality is even named for the fruit!

As you gather around your holiday table, all of us at the Scarborough Inn Bed and Breakfast wish you much to be grateful for this season….including New Jersey cranberries!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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