Ocean City, NJ Snow Storm

The New Jersey Snow Storm of 2010 started on Christmas night with tiny, almost invisible, drifts of snow falling from the evening sky.  It continued most of the night – maybe in fits and starts – because the next morning there was little to show for the night’s efforts.

The snow became more visible and vigorous throughout the day, eventually transforming Ocean City into a life-size Christmas village.  Cottony puffs of snow decorated pine trees, rooftops, beaches, and roads.  Everything in sight was partially hidden behind a translucent white veil. The Route 52 Bridge and Causeway onto the island was closed and I hunkered down near our Christmas tree with a good book and a Scarborough Inn mug of hot chocolate.  After the busy holiday season preparations and celebrations, it was actually a welcome respite.

Toward evening, a brisk wind blew in from the west.  This pushed some of the snow into drifts and scoured other surfaces completely clean.  And still it snowed.  Meteorologists predicted an accumulation of 16 to 18-inches, but despite a furious and long-lasting storm (the longest I can ever remember), the snow storm never really amounted to much.

The following morning the wind continued to roar and buffet and threaten, but the snow had moved to the north of Ocean City.  Frigid temperatures remained, plus a decorative dusting of snow covered the island.  Thankfully, the Christmas Snow Storm was full of sound and fury, but signifying little.

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