“Shoulder Season,” at the Scarborough Inn

Bob getting a lift!

At a Jersey Shore resort like Ocean City, NJ, the part of the year when we are less-busy is sometimes dubbed “Shoulder Season.”  This may refer to the quieter months of Spring and Fall or it may be when the Scarborough Inn Bed and Breakfast is officially closed.

I say officially closed because, although we are not hosting guests, this is a very busy time of year.  This is when we work on all those projects we have planned to increase our guests’ comfort and enjoyment.  Every winter we re-decorate four to six guestrooms.  Last year this included new decor, new mattresses and pillows, and fresh paint.  We replaced carpeting in several locations, too, and painted the 100-foot wraparound front porch.

This year, we have selected another five guest rooms to re-decorate and that process has begun.  Our goal is to insure that guest accommodations are always beautiful and well maintained, too.  Bob (our Painter Extraordinaire) is currently working on the exterior of the Scarborough Inn – thanks to the pleasant weather this Fall.  This project involved the rental of a lift so that Bob could reach to the very top of our circa 1898 historic building.

We have also attended professional meetings hosted by Preferred Inns of New Jersey and attended presentations by Pamela Lanier’s Bed and Breakfast Inns.  These were wonderful opportunities to learn from experts in the field and network with fellow innkeepers.  Sometimes, we enjoy visiting another Bed and Breakfast like the Spring Lake Inn where we enjoyed being pampered guests and “talking shop” with the congenial hosts during the NJ Innkeepers meeting.

“Shoulder Season” yes….. “Quiet Season” not so much.

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