NEW JERSEY Shopping, Ocean City is #1 Retail City in America!

Ocean City, NJ was just named the #1 Retail City in America, the Best Place in the Country for Independent Retailers to do business!  

That’s great news for those of us who shop Downtown Asbury Avenue.  We love the unique selection of goods and services provided by our locally-owned shops and restaurants.  We also know that Scarborough Inn guests will appreciate an experience completely different from that offered in malls and by giant super-stores that are the same from Maine to Florida.  Storefronts have individual character, too, and merchants’ groups also work to plant seasonal flowers or install holiday decorations to create an ever-changing, attractive ambiance.  Our  Downtown is also the location for special events or hometown parades – making it the heart of our community.

There are about 100 stores clustered on or near Asbury Avenue – and just a 5-minute stroll from our Bed and Breakfast. More than 125 additional stores line our famous Boardwalk – also about 5 minutes walk from the Scarborough Inn.  About two years ago the Ocean City Chamber of Commerce started a “Shop Local” campaign and the organization is thrilled with the results of the national Indie City Index, according to Michele Gillian, Executive Director.

The Indie City Index research was compiled by Civic Economics by analyzing retail sales in more than 300 cities across the United States.  The index established 100 as being the national average for business climate for independent stores.  Ocean City topped the list with a score of 147.7.

So when you visit the Scarborough Inn for your next New Jersey seashore getaway, don’t forget to visit our Downtown for some unique Retail Therapy in America’s #1 Retail City!

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