Ocean City NJ, Arts Center

Ocean City NJ Arts Center (Rae Jaffe Exhibit)

The Ocean City NJ Arts Center is a wonderful place to visit during your Jersey Shore vacation – and it is less than 15 minutes from the Scarborough Inn.  I visited recently to view the one-woman exhibit mounted by my friend, and very talented artist, Rae Jaffe.

As it turned out, Rae was there completing the final arrangement of her show so we toured the exhibit together.  Rae’s work features familiar, local landscapes and landmarks, gardens, and beach scenes.  She uses vibrant colors – sometimes in improbable shades – like a rendering of the old (soon-to-be-demolished) 9th. Street Bridge that she painted in blues and purples.  It is a charming and imaginative combination of realistic with impressionistic.

“There’s enough sadness in the world,” Rae explained, “I like to paint happy images.”  And she does!  Fans of Ocean City will appreciate her beach scenes and sunsets over the wetlands, boats in drydock or Life Guard lifeboats resting on the sand, for example.  I particularly enjoy Rae’s paintings of gardens – some completed en plein air (in the open air).  These feature colorful, seasonal blooms growing in exuberant combinations of floral varieties and hues.  Much of her work is in oil or pastel – all of it is beautiful – a testament to Rae’s considerable talent, discerning eye, and unique vision!

This particular one-woman show of Rae Jaffe’s work will be at the Ocean City Arts Center (1735 Simpson Avenue) through January 2011.   She exhibits elsewhere on the island, so check with us during your Ocean City vacation at the Scarborough Inn and we’ll help you locate a current exhibit of her work.

And do visit the Arts Center – always a wonderful repository and celebration of the arts here at the Jersey Shore!

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