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Scarborough Inn historic features

The Scarborough Inn is one of a number of historic buildings scattered around the island of Ocean City, NJ.  Constructed as a hotel in about 1895 or 1898, it retains original architectural features yet it also straddles different architectural styles.

This old seaside hotel was originally clad in dark brown shingles relieved by some white trim.  The columns that encircle the 100-foot wraparound porch are in a simple, unadorned Colonial style.  However, Victorian touches include the dentil molding and fishscale shingles.

Dentil molding is defined in Wikipedia as “…small blocks used as a repeating ornament of a cornice.”  On the Scarborough Inn, you can see these along the roof lines of the porch and at the very top of the building – directly under the roof.  Fishscale shingles also feature a repeating pattern – this time it is scalloped and is clearly reminiscent of the scales of a fish.  This adornment is featured on parts of the side walls and on the front bays.

When the Bruno family purchased the inn in 1988, the entire structure was painted white.  Several years later, we decided to repaint and highlight the interesting architectural details with eight authentic Victorian paint colors.  Starting last fall, Bob began repainting the exterior of the inn and I think you’ll agree, the color makes these details much more noticeable.  See if you can spot all eight colors next time you visit! 

If you want to learn more about the History of the Scarborough Inn, visit our web site.  And if you’d like to learn more about the history of Ocean City, NJ, visit the Ocean City Historical Museum at 1735 Simpson Avenue.  (609-399-1801)  Free admission, although donations are appreciated.

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