Signs of Spring, Ocean City NJ

Signs of Spring Scarborough Inn
How eagerly we await the first signs of spring! 

Here in Ocean City NJ, we look for many of the same signs that you look for at home – robins digging for fat worms, building nests, and serenading the warmer weather.  We look for the first signs of green shoots in the gardens and we take our first stroll or bike ride on “the boards.”  And we start Spring Cleaning at our Bed and Breakfast in early April in anticipation of the first guests of the 2011 Season who arrive in May.

There’s also some Signs of Spring that are unique to the Jersey Shore.  We anticipate the publication of the Ocean City Calendar of Events so we – and our guests – can plan vacation getaways around favorite special events or cherished annual traditions.  We enjoy seeing announcements about the seasonal reopening of local restaurants, amusement parks, and Downtown Asbury Avenue shops.  The official Unlocking of the Ocean on May 27 heralds the return to the beach (although, to tell the truth, some never leave the beach beginning with the First Swim on New Year’s Day!)

For many communities around the nation, and certainly here in Ocean City, this has been a cold, gray, snowy winter.  Planning an Ocean City vacation is the perfect remedy.  Take a look at the Scarborough Inn website and plan your getaway; we look forward to welcoming you to the inn during the 2011 Season!

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