“Bradford Pear Trees,” Signal Spring at the Scarborough Inn

Bradford Pear Trees – Ocean Ave.

The “Bradford Pear Trees” are in bloom at the Scarborough Inn and throughout Ocean City and southern New Jersey.  That means Spring is arriving!

Arriving…because as you know, this season comes slowly.  It lanquidly unfolds its wonders day by day.  The sight of the first robin.  Tight, little buds on the lilac bushes soon to unfurl with brilliant color and sweet scent.  Tulips, and daffodils, and crocus, and hyacinth making a multi-hued carpet in the inn’s front flowerbed.  And the Bradford Pear Trees unfold delicate white flowers transforming streetscapes into flower-bedecked bowers.  Lovely!

Truly, some of the loveliest amenities at the Scarborough Inn are outdoors in the gardens that encircle our historic bed and breakfast.  Plants and flowers add seasonal color, delightful fragrance, and appealing ambiance to the Scarborough Inn experience.  Whenever you visit, do take a moment to enjoy the gardens!


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