Dirty Food! NOT at the Scarborough Inn

Pineapple – one of the “Clean Fifteen”

The EWG (Environmental Work Group) just released the 2011 Shopper’s Guide to Produce. This includes the “Dirty Dozen” – the twelve most contaminated (as in pesticide-leaden) fruits and vegetables in the produce aisle…and most likely in your fridge, too.

How did they decide which items to add to this list?  From the article…”after analyzing 89,000 tests conducted from 2000 to 2008 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Federal Food and Drug Administration, EWG developed a guideline for which fruits and vegetables contain the highest amount of pesticides and therefore should be bought organic…”  The #1 culprit on the “Dirty Dozen” list is…..apples.

This is why we continue to make a concerted effort to search for fresh, local, and (hopefully) organic produce for the Scarborough Inn menu.  It is not always easy to locate reliable sources and, of course, there is the cost factor, but we are totally committed to this search.

The good news is that EWG also has a list of the “Clean Fifteen” – foods least likely to contain harmful substances.  Both list are available on a little card that can be downloaded, placed in your wallet, and taken to the grocery store or farmer’s market for easy reference.  Sweet!  The more we all demand clean produce, the more will become available.  EWG Shopper’s Guide here

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