Ocean City NJ Boardwalk, Treat Week #3

George’s Candies on the Ocean City Boardwalk

The Scarborough Inn’s first annual – and totally unofficial – “Treat Week” continues the celebration of just some of the delicious goodies to be found on the Ocean City Boardwalk – with today’s choice…

Treat # 3 George’s Candies – Macaroons

Located at 700 Boardwalk since 1954, and today offering many other options, our choice for a special confection is George’s Macaroons.  Traditionally made of egg whites, sugar, and coconut or almond, their version is simply delicious.  In fact, Atlantic City Magazine describes these cookies as “…the quintessential macaroon with a crunchy outside…(and)…soft and chewy inside.”

Enough said!  Make sure to sample the Macaroons at George’s Candies.

INNsider Tip – Macaroons need to be carefully stored to preserve their freshness, click here.  But mine never last that long!

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