Ocean City NJ Boardwalk, Treat Week!

“Shriver’s Gelato” on the OC Boardwalk

OK, OK, I admit it, there is no such thing as an official “Treat Week.”  But when you think of visiting the Ocean City Boardwalk, all kinds of delicious sweets and treats just naturally come to mind, don’t they?  So during this week leading up to the Fourth of July, we’ll be focusing on just some of the scrumptious goodies available along our wooden way (presented in no particular order; they’re ALL good). 

Treat #1 is…Shriver’s Gelato

For many years, Shriver’s has been justifiably famous for their home-made Salt Water Taffy, Fudge, and other tempting confections.  More recently, they added Shriver’s Gelato (846 Boardwalk) – and it instantly became very popular!

Gelato is Italian-style ice cream and the Shriver’s version features flavors imported from Italy.  It tastes rich, creamy, and decadent, but is actually lower in butterfat than American ice cream.  The gelato is beautifully presented in glass-fronted freezers and is available in an array of flavors – from traditional favorites to gourmet delights.

So celebrate your own personal “Treat Week” (whenever you visit the Jersey Shore) and try some unforgettable Shriver’s Gelato on the Ocean City Boardwalk – only a short walk from the Scarborough Inn!

INNsider Tip: To learn more about gelato click here.

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