Best Sunset View

The Best Sunset View in Ocean City is to be found on the bay side (west) of the island.

Easy, right?  Not really, and that is because much of the western side of our community is private property – the site of homes or businesses.  But there are several places where you can go to capture the last rays of the setting sun.  Street ends are easy, but somewhat cramped, and without any seating for extended viewing.

How about a location that is public, free, has expansive views, and even seating for relaxed, extended sunset viewing?  The Bayside Center at 520 Bay Avenue is the perfect choice!  It has all of the above, plus docks for fishing or just dangling your feet over the water.  A covered pavilion has several picnic tables for dinner or a snack (bring your own & use the trash cans, please) and there are restroom facilities, too.

You might want to bring your iPod for musical accompaniment or your camera to record the Best Sunset View on the island! 

Ask at the Scarborough Inn; we’ll be happy to provide simple walking directions for guests.

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