Farmers Market Recipe: “Jersey Fresh” Omelet

After visiting this week’s Farmer’s Market, I was inspired to create an omelet using “Jersey Fresh” ingredients.  I selected cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs from my own garden and added chunks of the local tomatoes from the market (held every Wednesday on the Tabernacle grounds). I prepared the ingredients ahead, so they could be added as the omelet cooked and pre-heated the pan.

“Jersey Fresh” at weekly Farmer’s Market

I whipped up some brown eggs until they were frothy and poured them into a pan swirled with first-press olive oil.  While they cooked, I added a sprinkling of Flat Leaf Parsley and some peppery German Thyme leaves, a light dusting of sea salt, and some pungent, grated Parmesan.  Finally, I added the tomato chunks, quartered cherry tomatoes, and freshly ground, mixed peppercorns. I garnished the dish with more herbs and cherry tomato “flowers.”

These ingredients made for a very chunky, rustic omelet!  I love the combination of simple ingredients with fresh flavors and colors.  The Parmesan added a subtle piquancy that was delicious.

Of course, one of the best things about using farm-fresh ingredients is that this omelet can be different every time – inspired by the bounty provided by New Jersey farmers!

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