Ocean City NJ Boardwalk, Treat Week #5

Del’s Oceanside Grill

During the Scarborough Inn’s first annual (and totally unofficial) Boardwalk “Treat Week,” we’ve been focusing on foods of the sugary kind.  Lest you think that’s the only kind of Boardwalk food worthy of mention, however, we turn our attention to another category of food for:

Treat Week #5 – Del’s Oceanside Grill

This casual eatery at 934 Boardwalk has been family-owned and operated since 1965.  They offer an extensive choice of foods including jumbo lump crab cakes, Black Angus burgers, and fresh salads.  MY personal favorite is the Cheesesteak.  Hot and juicy slivers of beef are piled into a fresh bun and covered with warm cheese.  I like to add lettuce, tomato, and grilled onions with fries on the side. But, craft your own!

Decor is beach-casual and service is friendly, but it’s the food!  And Del’s Oceanside Grill is just a short stroll from the Scarborough Inn.

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