Scarborough Inn: Birth Announcement!

“Our” Diamondback Terrapin

It’s true, we recently received our “Official Terrapin Adoption Certificate” from the Wetlands Institute.  That means we support the Terrapin Conservation Project.

The Project helps fund “Road Patrols” that rescue injured turtles hit by vehicles as they attempt to cross local roads to lay eggs.  They also save and incubate eggs from turtles that haven’t survived.  In addition, food and shelter is provided for turtle hatchlings during a one year head start program before the young Diamondback Terrapins are released into the wild.  There are fascinating informational and educational programs as well.

The Wetlands Institute in Stone Harbor is a very interesting place to visit – for all ages – and they have a wide variety of programs as well as exhibits about the local environment.

The photograph is of the “Scarborough Inn’s” Diamond Terrapin hatchling – cute, right?

INNsider Tip: You can adopt a turtle, too!  (Ask for details when you visit the Wetlands Institute or check their website.)

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