Scarborough Inn, “A Rose by any other name…”

Scarborough Inn – Rose Garden

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” is a famous line from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  However, with all due respect to the bard, Shakespeare did NOT know Google!

In the G-World one of the rules is that your business information must be consistent throughout the web-a-sphere.  Makes sense, but not as easy as it sounds we discovered recently when we completely disappeared from Google Places for several days.

Over the years, as we tried to find, define, and clarify our identity for guests, the Inn was known by a series of slightly – very slightly – different names (B&B, Bed and Breakfast).  In the “old days” – maybe 5 years ago – if you wanted to change the name of your business, you would have a new sign painted, print up new stationery & business cards and you’re good to go!  Not any more.

The information that must be consistent web-wide is NAP + web (name, address, phone #) + web address.

Sounds easy, but we discovered there are literally hundreds of references to our inn – many of which we did not even know existed.  There are establishments with the same, or very similar, names – both in the United States and around the world.  There are websites that contain incorrect or outdated information, photos, rates, and more.  Even “dead” sites that still exist out there.  And it’s not always easy to make changes either.

So the project is enormous, but it must be undertaken.  It’s like a treasure hunt to find and codify our identity / information and I imagine it will be quite an adventure.  But in the end,THIS “rose” will have only one name.  Sweet!

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