Scarborough Inn: “Work Exchange Program”

Liana (Latvia) Olga (Russia) Tsvetina (Bulgaria) Caroline (not pictured)
Anthony (Jamaica) Duro (Montenegro) Dimitar (Macedonia)         

Nearly 20 years ago, the Scarborough Inn first contacted InterExchange to inquire about a program that (as their website states) “…brings international university students to the USA to fill short-term seasonal positions with seasonal businesses. After their work commitment, participants can travel for up to one month.”

It continues to be the perfect match for the Inn.  Some international students are available earlier in the season and others are able to stay and work into October.  This has allowed us to remain open longer – into the so-called “shoulder seasons” when the weather at the Jersey Shore is delightful, it is less crowded, and it is less expensive, too.  Making spring and fall a great time to travel!

It has been a great experience to meet a succession of young people from around the world.  Frequently, they visit parts of the United States during their stay, or following their employment commitment.  They have an opportunity to interact with Americans at the inn and around town.  They can “test” their preconceived notions about the US with their experiences here.  It’s a great exchange for all involved.

Over the years, we decided to have a Staff Appreciation Party (to recognized our ENTIRE fabulous staff) and featuring American picnic fare.  Typically this includes: Broasted Chicken, potato salad & cole slaw (this year we added a green salad), corn on the cob, watermelon, cake and soda.  It’s a time to get to know everyone a little bit better, to socialize, to learn, and to relax together – to have fun!

Some students stay in touch – even years later.  Some continue their education in the States & a few have become citizens.  We believe that this “exchange” is a positive experience for all involved! 

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