After “Hurricane Irene” Ocean City NJ, Beach and the Scarborough Inn

The westerly wind was strong August 28, as we returned to the Scarborough Inn late in the afternoon.  Happily, the inn sustained little damage, just lots of debris, & some signs of minor flooding in our neighborhood.  
On the beach, the wind was so strong. it was pushing back against the waves as they broke.  But already, people were walking the beach and boardwalk, and surfers were anxious to catch the storm-roiled waves. 
On August 29, we will be putting the porch furniture back on the porch (it is all over the living room and hallways – thanks to Irene), cleaning the gardens, making up rooms, and planning Afternoon Refreshments for guests due to check-in this afternoon.  
Sounds like it will be a spectacular week down the shore – already the sky is nearly cloudless blue and the sun is shining.  Come, enjoy at the Scarborough Inn!

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