Cape May Seafood: Fresh from the Ocean City Farmer’s Market

Seafood Booth
Little Necks & Scallops

“It doesn’t get any better than this,” he exclaimed, “local seafood, fresh from local waters!”

A group of people are clustered around the seafood booth at the weekly Ocean City Farmer’s Market, waiting their turn to make a selection.  Arrayed on a bed of ice are plump scallops and Little Neck clams. Somewhat tattered photos are tacked to the sides of the booth – fishing boats, clammers, the bounty of the Atlantic. I glance at them as I wait my turn.

Every week, I select some fresh – REALLY fresh – seafood to enjoy at home.  Usually, I pair it with some Jersey corn and juicy red tomatoes for a simple supper. Seasonal fruit (strawberries, blueberries, or peaches)  comprises dessert – either unadorned or in a cobbler or cake with a snowy mountain of freshly whipped cream.

What a wonderful way to select dinner – directly from the people who harvest it.  That man is right… doesn’t get any better than this!

INNsider Tip: The weekly Farmer’s Market is less than 10-minutes walk from the Scarborough Inn.  There are many things for guests to enjoy – scones and coffee, smoothies, tomato pie, canned goods, cookies and biscotti, and gorgeous flowers.

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