Lock-A-Bye Bags: Exclusively at the Scarborough Inn in OCNJ

Kathy & Carol with Lock-A-Bye totes

The Scarborough Inn is the exclusive outlet in Ocean City, NJ, for Lock-A-Bye bags.  What is a Lock-A-Bye bag you may wonder?

“These bags are the perfect combination of style and security,” states Carol Bruno, one of the innkeepers at the Scarborough Inn, “and we think they will be very popular with our guests.”

Lock-A-Bye bags were designed by sisters: Ann, Mary, and Kathy who love to vacation at the beach with their large extended family.  “Someone was always sidelined from group activities,” Kathy remembers,” because they had to watch the bags.  We noticed many others in the same situation and thought how great it would be if belongings could be secure so everyone could enjoy family activities.”

The sisters worked for two years to develop and patent the locking mechanism and cable system that forms the “heart” of the bags.  It secures both the contents and the bag itself and is offered in a variety of patterns and solid black – all of which are slash-resistant and water-resistant. One of the nicest features is that there’s a small wrist/ key bag to hold the key and it is also virtually impossible to lock the bag with the key inside! See a demo HERE.

Lock-A-Bye bags are excellent for the beach, of course, but could also be used as diaper bags, computer bags, or even overnight or weekend getaway totes. These bags are already gaining in popularity and are available in Brookstone stores, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and on Amazon.  This fall they will be featured on QVC, as well, and word is Kathy will be appearing on Shark Tank to discuss the sisters’ product with the panelists.

Beginning August 1, 2011, at check-out Scarborough Inn guests will be given the opportunity to receive a special discount code that may be applied to the purchase of a Lock-A-Bye bag (or bags) online. Make sure you get yours!

“These are perfect gifts for travelers, business people, college students, and beach-goers, too,” Carol enthuses, “and with the holidays approaching, this is the ideal time to purchase a tote that promises “Security Is In the Bag.”

[Lock-A-Bye, the seal, & tag line are TM of Lock-A-Bye LLC]

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