New Jersey Recipes: Peach Kuchen

“Jersey Fresh” Peaches

“Peach Kuchen”

Toward the end of summer, we are blessed with a bounty of luscious fruits – peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums, and cherries.  All stone fruits, you’ll notice. and that is a challenge.  Why?  Well, because when you are preparing Breakfast for a sizable number, and the fruit needs to be pitted, and it quickly discolors once peeled, and the kitchen staff is small, well… understand?

So I’ve been on a hunt to find some interesting new recipes using the luscious New Jersey peaches in season right now.  I want rich peach flavor, ease of preparation, and recipes that will help solve the problem of timing between prep and consumption. Whew!

Jen Miller, author of the recently published guide to our area, [Explorer’s Guide] The Jersey Shore: Atlantic City to Cape May: A Great Destination, came to my rescue with a link to a recipe booklet I could download from the NJ Peach Promotion Council.  Perfect!

She also suggested the first recipe to try – “Peach Kuchen”.

I headed to the store to gather ingredients, including tree-ripened NJ peaches, of course!  I also needed coconut, cinnamon & sugar, sour cream, and because I have to add my own twist – slivered almonds. I made a crust that included the shredded coconut and pre-baked it while I prepared the other ingredients. Over the hot crust, I layered peaches cut in thin slivers and sprinkled them lightly with the cinnamon and sugar mixture.  I blended sour cream and egg, added almond extract, and drizzled this over the peaches before scattering some slivered almonds on top.  Into the oven for about 25 minutes.

The “Peach Kuchen” smelled delicious while it cooked and looked tempting, but it is about the taste. Happily, Jen Miller had also volunteered to taste-test the result! She did and proclaimed it a success. The many flavors complement each other and the creamy topping works with the crunchy almonds; the bright, fresh peaches pair well with the hint of coconut.  This will be a welcome addition to the Scarborough Inn menu. Maybe this recipe would also work with other fruits? Apples? Pears? Cherries?

In the meantime, the next recipe I want to try is “Peach Surprise.”  What are you doing next week, Jen?

Jen Miller’s book is available from SunRose Words & Music, 756 Asbury Ave., Ocean City, NJ

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