“Jersey Fresh” Corn Recipes

“Jersey Fresh” at the OC Farmer’s Market

Sure, “Jersey Fresh” corn is delicious on the cob, but it is also versatile and absolutely scrumptious in a wide variety of recipes.  Here’s a sampling:

1. Corn on the Cob – I prefer Bi-colored Corn (the kernels are yellow and white) fresh from the Ocean City Farmer’s Market. Strip the husk and silk just before cooking in the microwave – for up to 10 minutes – on full power. Microwaves differ, so experiment until you achieve the results you prefer.  This method means less clean-up and heat in the kitchen – always a benefit in summer!

We enjoy corn on the cob a little al dente and served with butter, salt, and pepper.  For a savory twist, sprinkle the corn with Old Bay seasoning – the spicy seasoning is great with the sweet, tender corn.

2. Corn Pancakes – cook extra corn on the cob, remove the kernels and store in the fridge overnight to use in your favorite pancake recipe for breakfast – or follow these instructions.

If you want to use your favorite pancake mix, just stir reserved corn kernels into the batter, and cook as usual.  Try them topped with local honey or cinnamon butter; perhaps with grilled ham on the side.

3. Heather’s Corn Salsa – this recipe from allRecipes.com features corn plus other “Jersey Fresh” vegetables like tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers.  When these ingredients are in season, use them fresh from the market – just blanch corn and then allow additional time for the flavors to blend.

This Corn Salsa recipe would be great with tortilla chips, as a side with grilled chicken, or in tacos.  It is colorful and tangy – like a food fiesta!

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