Apple Cinnamon Pancakes


It’s such fun to reflect the tastes of the season on our breakfast plate, so today I made “Apple Cinnamon Pancakes.”  These celebrate Fall and Jersey Fresh apples, too, and are so easy to make.

OK, I confess, I frequently use a boxed pancake mix as the basis for this recipe. I select one that features whole wheat and try to find one that is organic, as well, but I imagine it will work with whatever you have on hand. Just follow the basic instructions on the package.

This morning, I mixed the batter with one egg, vegetable oil, and buttermilk (because it was in the fridge & we enjoy the slightly tangy flavor). Any kind of milk works. However, buttermilk is thick so you may need to thin the batter with a little water until it’s the consistency you prefer.

Then…add some cinnamon to taste. I use the kind with a built-in grinder because I like it freshly ground and I use about 1/2 teaspoon.  Next, I cut up about 1/2 of a small, crisp, flavorful Jersey Fresh apple into small chunks and add it to the batter. Naturally, the apple is washed and cored, but I do not remove the skin because it contains lots of nutrients and beautiful color.  Alternately, you could sprinkle the apple chunks on top of pancakes on the grill before flipping them. Either way, the apples melt slightly on the griddle, but retain some crispness and bright, fresh flavor.

Thinly slice the remainder of the apple to garnish the plate of pancakes and sprinkle ground cinnamon over all.  Serve with warm 100% pure maple syrup (there’s no comparison, is there?) and maybe a side of scrapple – if you’re from the Philly area – or sausage links.

Enjoy the delicious-ness of Autumn on your breakfast plate!

Carol & Gus, Innkeepers
Scarborough Inn
an Ocean City NJ Bed and Breakfast

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