Ocean City NJ, Route 52 Bridge Disappearing…

9th. Street Bridge – the old & the new

As many long-time visitors to Ocean City NJ know, our little island is connected to the mainland by bridges. For a number of years now, the main connecting bridge (Route 52/ 9th. Street) has been in the process of being replaced by a new, modern span.  As it nears completion, the older bridge and causeway are being successively replaced or have become obsolete.

This process is at a very interesting juncture at the moment with a section of the old roadway containing the drawbridge, locked in an upright position, and currently isolated on its own islet in the bay.  Soon, this final vestige will completely disappear, too. 

This interesting phenomena was covered in a recent article (with stunning photographs!) in OC PATCH – by Douglas Bergen. See the link below for the full story:


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