Autumn Drinks


As i write this, snow (yes, SNOW!) is forecast for the weekend along the East coast. It certainly sounds wintry – with a cold wind moaning around the house. It even looks cold – with heavy gray clouds and brittle colors like charcoal, and navy, and sepia coloring the landscape.  Step outside and you’ll feel the chilling wind that buffets you along the sidewalk…

Enough! It is time to retreat indoors to enjoy some of the special delights of a cold Autumn day. Light a fire in the fireplace if you can or perhaps select a book or movie to enjoy while wrapped in a cozy afghan. And definitely, prepare a warm Autumn drink to sip as you hibernate for the day.

These “recipes” are far from precise formulations. They are merely suggestions to inspire your creativity and encourage you to make your own warming brew on a cold, Autumn day…and enjoy!

Mocha Coffee –

Empty a packet of hot chocolate mix (I like dark chocolate) into a large coffee mug and fill to the brim with your favorite brewed coffee. Add a little cream if you like, stir until completely combined and sip. A biscotti on the side is optional, but highly recommended.

Mulled Cider –

Early in the day, pour some organic cider (or apple juice) into a crock pot. Add your choice of cinnamon sticks, an apple or orange studded with cloves, a sprinkling of nutmeg, or whatever you have in the cupboard that sounds appealing. Set the crock pot to low and as it warms, the fragrance will waft throughout your home.  This would be spectacular with warm homemade gingerbread or bread pudding if you’re feeling inspired to bake.

Add some New Jersey Apple Jack to the Mulled Cider right before serving for an especially delicious, warm Autumn libation.

INN-sider Tip: Warm beverages of all kinds are especially appealing in a handmade Scarborough Inn pottery mug; available from our Gift Shop.

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