Birding…in your own backyard!

Roses sometimes house birds!

I was visiting a good friend recently and watching the flock of birds enjoying her backyard feeder.  There were shy Cardinals, chickadees and sparrows, finches with rosy red markings, and the occasional shiny, black crow. They were greedily pecking at the provided seeds and singing and chirping to each other – to our delight!

Here at the Scarborough Inn, we host a number of birds who choose to nest at the inn every spring.  Some set up housekeeping in the Bradford Pear trees that flank the driveway or in the large holly bush near the stairs.  Others roost around the drain pipes or architectural features of the building. And several actually nest in the hanging plants that festoon our 100-foot wraparound front porch!

There’s nothing better than listening to their cheerful chirping first thing in the morning!  We also love to catch a glimpse of the tiny fledglings taking their first flight – tentatively launching from the safety of the nest!

Cape May County is renowned worldwide as an important birding site and people travel great distances to view the annual migrations or photograph our feathered locals.  But the good news is that all of us can encourage and appreciate these wonders of nature and enjoy a little birding…in our own backyards!

Carol & Gus, Innkeepers
Scarborough Inn
an Ocean City NJ Bed and Breakfast

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