“Jersey Shore” NEW YEAR WISHES with Resolutions!

Resolutions…those sometimes short-lived intentions for the NEW YEAR…signify our goal of improving our life; maybe resetting our personal compass. Whether you make a formal list of resolutions, or casually give some thought to your Life, I think it’s all good. So, with that in mind:

Intention #1 for me is to spend time with family and friends this first day of 2011 and as much as possible in the year ahead.

Intention #2 is to thank Guests of the Scarborough Inn for choosing to stay at our B&B in Ocean City, NJ, we appreciate that very much! And we are especially grateful to those who have posted glowing reviews on Google, Tripadvisor, or other sites – thanks for taking the time to share your pleasure with us and with the world!

Intention #3 is to commit to continually maintain high standards of hospitality and to improve the amenities and choices we offer guests of the Inn.

Whatever your resolutions or intentions for the year ahead…

We look forward to your visit to the Scarborough Inn in 2012 & wish you and yours a Happy, Healthy New Year! 

INNsider Tip:
In thinking about Resolutions, I came upon some experts’ advise on the subject. You may find these of interest as you ponder the future:

Natural Awakenings – (Wayne Dyer)

Carol & Gus, Innkeepers
Scarborough Inn
an Ocean City NJ Bed and Breakfast

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