Groundhog Day Traditions


The weather-predicting powers of the groundhog never sounded
completely ridiculous to me until I was explaining the American
tradition of Groundhog Day to an English friend during my semester
abroad in Nottingham.”

“You mean to tell me a furry creature pops out of a hole in the ground and you let its shadow tell you what the weather will be like?”

“Yes, in fact, that’s exactly what we do.”

The above is the introduction to an article about international weather-predicting traditions. And, I’ve got to admit, put like that it DOES sound pretty ridiculous! Oh well, traditions you know! And probably no more incredible than Easter bunnies, or Leprechauns, or…whatever!

Apparently. Americans are not the only ones with odd weather-predicting traditions.  Around the world there are many other animals involved in weather prognostication including bears, hedgehogs, and frogs. A number of saints are also involved in the “business” and the weather on their Feast Day is said to be indicative of the climate for days or seasons.

To read more about fascinating weather-predicting traditions around the world, visit the BootsnAll website. And just for old time’s sake, let’s watch Groundhog Day one more time!

Here’s to Punxsutawney Phil…and second chances!

INNsider Tip: Groundhog Day is February 2.  And here in Ocean City we have our own unique weather-predicting animal – hermit crab, MARTIN Z. MOLLUSK,  who specializes in predicting the start of Summer!  He was recently featured in an ANIMAL PLANET video on unusual pets. 

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