“Jersey Fresh” Kale & Vegetables

Why would you want recipes for cooking kale? I’ll tell you! 

Kale, it turns out, is one of the Super Foods that fights cancer, bad cholesterol, and inflammation.  But it is also, and perhaps most importantly – tasty. It lends itself to all kinds of delicious dishes from soup, to quiche, to kale “chips!” According to Jersey Bites (a blog on food of the Garden State), “…kale chips are making their way into specialty stores and hip cocktail parties.”  

Kale, it seems, is a hot, new, trendy food. Imagine that!  And South Jersey is the 4th largest producer of kale in the country.

Here at the Scarborough Inn, we use kale as a garnish. Whoops!  Now we’ll have to experiment with ways to include it in Breakfast and Afternoon Refreshment recipes since we continue our commitment to fresh, seasonal foods…and especially those that are “Jersey Fresh.”  Look for kale on the menu next time you visit our B&B.

INNsider Tips: In the meantime, looking for recipes for cooking kale? 
Here’s a link to the Jersey Bites post with recipes for “Kale Chips” and for “Spinach, Cheddar Cheese, & Caramelized Onion Pie” (like a tart or quiche) from Louisa’s Cafe in Cape May, NJ. 

A separate link will take you to WHYY newsworks and Debbie Smith’s recipe for “Kale & Spicy Turkey Sausage Soup.” 

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