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Recently, I read an article in the Cape May County Press about local beekeepers. Apparently, there are folks in the area – and right here in Ocean City – who have honeybee hives. Imagine that!

You may have heard of Colony Collapse Disorder, a condition that resulted in the destruction of many beehives around the United States. Bee hives in New Jersey are said to be recovering and there is a record increase in interest in beginning beekeepers courses. People became aware that 25% to 30% of the foods we eat need to be pollinated and many wanted to get involved.

Bees are vitally important to horticulture and they produce honey, too, of course. In addition, beeswax is used to make candles, furniture polish, and lip balm. If you are not quite ready to take a beekeeping course, you can plant flowers in your garden that attract bees, and you can eliminate the use of pesticides that are harmful to beneficial insects. SWEET!

We make a real effort to utilize natural products and procedures in the Scarborough Inn (gardens, outdoors) and we grow a few herbs to use in recipes for breakfast or afternoon refreshments, too. This year we are experimenting with vinegar as a weed killer on the parking lot (made of crushed seashells!).

INNside Tips: for more information, visit:
Help Honey Bees Help Honey Bees
NJ Beekeepers Assoc.

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