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Many Ocean City attractions are well known – the beach, the boardwalk, amusement rides, and water sports are all popular Ocean City destinations or activities. But there are many more things to do in Ocean City NJ and one of them is an annual flower show.  In fact, this year’s event is the 40th Annual Ocean City Flower Show!

Staged by the Garden Club of Ocean City, the event takes place at the Music Pier (Moorlyn Terrace and the Boardwalk), on June 1, 2 and 3 and includes an exhibit, plus trade fair. This year’s theme is “Celebrating 40 Years of Flowers.”

There are ten Artistic Divisions – each with a specific theme and unique specifications as to size, type of plant material, and how the arrangement is to be displayed or viewed. For example, Class 1 is titled “Tropical Paradise’ and is to include visible water. Class 5, “Victorian Summer,” is a 3-D arrangement on a white tea tray with teapot, plus cup and saucer. Miniature arrangements – no larger than 5″ in any direction – are Class 8: “Garden Jewels”  As you can tell, these fascinating themes inspire creativity and, interestingly, all of these themes were used at some time during the 40 years of the Flower Show’s history.

In addition, there are six Table Entries.  Participants may select a theme from six that are suggested.  The arrangements are floral centerpieces displayed on 48″ tables including linens and related accessories.  Themes include: “Roaring Twenties” (1991), “America the Beautiful” (2002), and “Fairytale Garden” (2005).

An Invitational Exhibit is only open to area Garden Club members with interpretive designs on the theme, “Flower & Art Show,” displayed on pedestals.

In addition, there is an extensive Horticultural Division featuring specimens of a wide variety of plants and flowers. The Trade Show section offers plants and related products for sale.

One year, a friend asked me to enter an arrangement, so I did. It was lots of fun – I even researched how to arrange flowers online. But, it is not easy. I forget the title of the class, but it had something to do with autumn I think. The arrangement won a Third Place ribbon.  However, before we get too excited, I confess there were only five or six exhibitors in the category. SIGH…

My “award-winning” design

The Ocean City Flower Show is a truly wonderful and varied exhibit, but of a manageable size so you can enjoy everything is a couple of hours at most.  The show is organized and run by member-volunteers of the Ocean City Garden Club – thank you, neighbors, for providing this terrific Ocean City attraction!

INNsider Tip: Show times vary, so check with us before enjoying the 40th Annual Ocean City Flower Show at the Music Pier – just 7 minutes walk from the inn.

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