Yes, that most eagerly awaited event has arrived – it’s National Ice Cream Month.  Apparently, Ronald Reagan declared July the month for this celebration – proving he appreciated more than jelly beans when it comes to sweet treats!

If you are visiting Ocean City during July (or August, or September… get the idea!) there are MANY places to enjoy delicious ice cream! One of our favorite ice cream parlors is very close to the Scarborough Inn at the corner of 8th Street and Ocean Avenue – “Hobby Horse” is a favorite with guests, too.  

If you prefer frozen custard, or just like a change of pace, try “Kohr’s Custard” – with several locations on the Ocean City Boardwalk.  Gelato is a newer contribution to the frozen confection offerings on the island, although it’s been available much longer in Italy, for example.  “Shriver’s Gelato” & the “Promanade,” both on the boardwalk, offer gelato in an array of luscious flavors.

Yogurt seems to be the new sensation this summer – although frozen yogurt has been available for quite some time.  Several locations have appeared around town with assorted yogurt flavors plus toppings – sold by weight.

If you are not fortunate enough to be visiting the Scarborough Inn to celebrate National Ice Cream Month, here’s a recipe for making tiny frozen treats at home: Sundae Bon Bons.

INNsider Tip:
To learn more about this “sweet” celebration, visit the Dairy Foods Association website.

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