SUMMER FIRST AID: Building a “Natural Remedies Kit”

OCNJ Beach from the Music Pier Loggia

Ocean City NJ, is a favorite summer vacation destination…and with good reason!  There are so many activities and special events to entertain vacationers of all ages and interests.

It’s a good idea to remember safety when planning activities, however.  Wear helmets when riding bicycles around the island. Cross at the crosswalks while enjoying the shops and restaurants downtown. Swim only at guarded beaches.  You know, good common sense precautions ensure a wonderful time for all during your Ocean City vacation getaway.

Just in case you experience sore muscles, insect bites, or a little sunburn – while traveling, or at home – here’s some NATURAL remedies for a Summer Care Kit you might find helpful.

INNsider Tip:
Call 911 in an extreme emergency or visit a local drop-in health care center (limited & seasonal hours). Always consult a health care professional for expert advice and care.

Atlanticare Center – 201 West Ave., Ocean City, NJ (609-391-8509)
Shore Medical Center QuickCare – 914 Haven Ave., Ocean City, NJ (609-399-8105)

Carol & Gus, Innkeepers
Scarborough Inn
an Ocean City NJ Bed and Breakfast

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  1. Love it, love it, love it! Great Post! As a fellow New Jersey resident, I feel that your post is a essential piece of information for people that are looking for healthier options. I really appreciate how you offer insight on natural health remedies and encourage physical activity. You are truly doing the state and out of state readers a service. Thanks for sharing.

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