BEER BATTER BREAD: Easy to Make & Delicious to Eat

If you like home-made bread, but dislike all that kneading, and resting, and kneading, and baking…this Beer Batter Bread recipe is for you!  It originated on the Beekman Boys 1802 blog and although I frequently “adjust” recipes, I didn’t change a thing about the original ingredients and instructions.

I particularly liked that the ingredients included whole wheat flour (I used King Arthur organic flour) and other simple, natural ingredients.  I’m not a beer-drinker, but Gus is, so I just used what was in the fridge.  He seemed to like his “beer” slathered with butter and jam!

With only seven ingredients, the Beer Batter Bread was easy to assemble and only took about 45-minutes to bake.  We enjoyed it at breakfast, for lunchtime sandwiches, and with bruschetta, too. In the Fall, it will be wonderful with home-made soup.

This bread has a lovely texture and great flavor and it has an appealing rustic appearance. The only problem is, it doesn’t last long – thank goodness it’s so easy to bake another loaf!

INNsider Tip:
On their website, Dr. Brent and Josh (The Beekman Boys) variously call this recipe a ‘loaf for oafs” and “Manly Bread” but hey, girls can bake it, too!  Their Beer Batter Bread Recipe – give it a try!

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