Grilled Peaches with Mango, Banana & Candied Ginger

As part of my series of “Cool Summer Recipes” for hot summer days, today I’m including a simple dessert recipe featuring “Jersey Fresh” fruit.  August is National Peach Month so I used peaches.  I had bananas and mangoes on hand, so they are in the version I made today, as well.

My very favorite thing about this “recipe” however, is that you can create any variation you like.  Make a different version every week, change the dessert to feature whatever is in season, add ice cream or cake for a deluxe incarnation. The truth is, this is more basic instructions + suggestions, rather than a formal recipe.  So, enjoy!


Preheat the grill, panini press, or frying pan while you prepare the fruit(s).  Select slightly firm, ripe peaches and cut them in half. Remove the peel and the pit.  Combine sugar and some ground ginger (or cinnamon or nutmeg) to taste and dip the cut side of the peach into the mixture. Place on the grill and heat to desired temperature.  (If you use a grill, you can get some impressive grill marks on the fruit!)

I also grilled some mango and added that to the plate with sliced bananas (not grilled) and garnished everything with slivers of candied ginger.  The spicy candied ginger was a lovely contrast to the silky, sweet grilled peaches.  Delicious and you can feel pretty virtuous about dessert if you go easy on the sugar (and the cake, ice cream…you know, all the “good” stuff…sigh).

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