CAPE MAY COUNTY WINERIES – Close to the Scarborough Inn


Cultivating fine wine is nothing new to New Jersey – or here in Cape May County! Surprised? Well according to a recent post on the Garden State Wine Growers Association website, …”More than two hundred years ago, London’s Royal
Society of the Arts recognized two New Jersey vintners for their success
in producing the first bottles of quality wine derived from Colonial

The post continues, “today New Jersey’s wineries continue the tradition of
producing high quality wines. But New Jersey’s 40+ wineries offer more
than just nationally and internationally acclaimed wines, they offer a
total wine experience”

That special “experience” may include festivals or special events at individual wineries OR regional gatherings featuring a collection of the state’s finest vintages. Some locations may host weddings or family gatherings.  Most have tours and tastings.  

With a designated driver, the Cape May County Wine Trail is a great day trip for Scarborough Inn guests. Take a picnic lunch or a selection of your favorite snacks to pair with our local wines and enjoy a unique day of discovery amid the beauty of our local vineyards.

Carol & Gus, Innkeepers
Scarborough Inn
an Ocean City NJ Bed and Breakfast

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