Incredible Eggshells

 As you can imagine, with as many as 60 people to feed for Breakfast and Afternoon Refreshments here at the Scarborough Inn, we crack quite a few eggs in a week.  And the egg shells typically wind up in the garden – as part of a natural compost – or in the recyclable trash.

Until now.

Just today I read a blog post (“One Good thing by Jillee“) and her topic was about a number of interesting and useful things you can do with eggshells. Yes, egg shells.

She started by listing a few facts about eggshells.  For example, did you know that the shells “…are made of calcium carbonate and a medium sized egg shell has about
750-800 mgs. of calcium?”  In addition, Jillee informs us, “white hens produce white eggs and brown hens produce brown eggs.” 

Besides helping you answer strange trivia question, however, eggshells are very useful.  Apparently, they can be used for everything from nourishing facial masks to powerful cleaners. Eggshells help houseplants thrive, discourage some soft-bodied pests, and make your morning “cup of joe” taste less bitter. Imagine that!

Eggs, like the jingle says, are “Incredible and Edible” but, apparently, …egg shells need their own PR campaign!

INNsider Tip:
If you would like to read Jillee’s entire blog post, find it here 15 Surprising Uses for Egg Shells

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