Join the “Clamshell Pitching” Revival

Scarborough Inn guests love the Ocean City beach! Especially since it’s only 1 1/2 blocks stroll from our B&B and there’s a Bathhouse with refreshing shower awaiting their return. And…..delicious “sweet” and “savory” Afternoon Refreshments in the Butler’s Pantry (after 4PM) to anticipate, too.

But I digress.

While enjoying the beach, guests might enjoy playing a beach game as a diversion from sunning, enjoying a “beach read,” or swimming. The idea of pitching clam shells was undoubtedly created by inventive beach-goers who used the tools at hand – shells – and created a fun game that all ages could play.  The object in clamshell pitching is to hit a target – a hole dug in the sand.  But today, it is difficult to find the right shells on the beach anymore. (Beach-raking and beach-replenishment projects are the suspected culprits.)

So, Joe McGettigan and Ken Fabianovicz created CLAM DRAIN: The Shell Game with four custom-made shells in spiffy colors, and the rules – all packaged in a net bag.  Real clamshells (from First St, beach in Ocean City) are used as the mold for the urethane-resin game pieces.  Naturally, they display all the natural flaws and irregularities of real shells.  The experts claim that the very best time to play the game is two hours before and after low tide when you can use the packed sand as a playing field/ game court.

CLAM DRAIN: The Shell Game is now available in the Scarborough Inn Gift Shop for $17.99 and would make an excellent souvenir or gift for other beach-lovers.  Recently, we sold game sets that were used as favors for a beach wedding!

McGettigan says, “We’re pulling a game from the past and preserving it for future generations.” 

Rumor has it that there will be a Clam Drain Tournament in Ocean City in the near future – watch for details!

INNsider Tip:
Mention this blog post & you’ll save $1.00 off the cost of a CLAM DRAIN game purchased from our inn gift shop (subject to availability).

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