“HONEY BEE DAY” is August 17 – Celebrate with a Recipe

Honey Bees in the Hive

Today, August 17, 2013, is National “Honey Bee Day” I’ve learned. And that’s a good thing. We all benefit from the work of honey bees, but may not know a lot about these vital insects.  I’m sure there’s lots of websites for factual and educational information about bees, but I’ve decided to celebrate this national holiday by sharing a recipe!

This recipe for Honey Butter Ambrosia came to me via one of my favorite blogs, “One Good Thing by Jillee” please check it out!  Comments about the recipe that I found helpful were to (1) use less sugar & (2) add 1 teaspoon vanilla.  I’m taking both of those suggestions. If you try this Honey Ambrosia recipe; let me know what you think!


1 cup honey (local, if it’s available)
1 cup cream
1 cup sugar (try 1/2 cup, if you like)
3 sticks butter, softened
1 teaspoon vanilla (optional)

Put the honey, cream, and sugar in a heavy saucepan and bring to a boil. Boil for 1 minute.  Let it cool a bit and then pour it over the softened butter in a blender.  Blend until the mixture is well combined. Pour it into (canning/ jelly?) jars. Cool. Refrigerate.

Notes: I have to wonder if cinnamon wouldn’t be a nice addition (instead of the vanilla?) to add a hint of spice. Luscious on biscuits, waffles or pancakes, ice cream – perhaps with nuts – use your imagination. Enjoy on National Honey Bee Day or any day!

INNsider Tip:
When you visit Jillee’s blog, she has some charming labels that you can download for free so you can give the Honey Butter Ambrosia as a gift. Sweet!

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