Happy New Year

Happy 2015!

I love this time of year. A new year, new memories, new adventures…. and in this case a new blog..with lots of new things to say!!!.

I hope you enjoy our little Scarborough Inn Bed and Breakfast InnSites.

Now that Steve and I have almost a year (April 1st is the anniversary) under our belts, I can say life as an Innkeeper is some… of… what I expected and some… of… not what I expected. I knew I would be busy during the open season, I guess when I heard the “offseason”… I heard sleep in and little to do. Ha ha ha. Such is not the case. Steve comments on how our days are still almost as long now as they were when we had guests.

It is funny, I compare it to my days as a reporter, folks would ask me with all seriousness “What did you do all day, you are only on TV for a minute?”  Only now it’s “What did you do all day, you don’t have guests?”
Well there’s a lot to be done in the off season, we: resign contracts, renew accounts, update software, research venders and there are always projects to be done in an old house… and we are working on a few.

Project 1
New Wiring (second floor)
In the hundred plus years of being open this old building has gone through many renovations (from Hotel Scarborough in 1895 to Scarborough Inn Bed and Breakfast today). The wiring in/on the second floor was the hardest to get to so it is now the last to be updated. A new circuit breaker and box was installed. Now the load can hold all the smartphones, tablets, laptops, curling irons, newer air conditioners and a refrigerator in each room. Yes, you read that right, every room now has a refrigerator as a standard amenity.

Project 2
Fire Door(s) construction.
Laws change and so with the ownership changing, the State Fire Inspector wanted to make sure the doors leading to certain exits were to the latest standards. So, while we aren’t adding any walls or knocking anything down, (it should look like the same old Scarborough Inn Bed and Breakfast you know) if you look closely you might see where the renovation took place. The goal is to have it look the same way it did before, but keep your fingers crossed, this project isn’t finished…. and I will keep you updated.

Project 3
New Amenities
As new Innkeepers, we wanted to hear from the guests. What do you like and what don’t you like about the Scarborough Inn Bed and Breakfast. Based on feedback, and yes we do read your comment cards, we have/will be making the following changes…
1. A microwave for the Sojourn room.
2. Refrigerators for each room.
3. New Showerheads

4. New Soaps/Shampoos/Conditioners
5. New Vacuums for housekeeping
6. New tabletop portals for easy plug-in /recharging for phones, laptops, tablets, etc.
7. Custom made name tags for each employee with their Name and Country listed

Project 4
Hire Employees
Each year the Scarborough Inn Bed and Breakfast is privileged with having an international staff help run the daily chores of the home. As new innkeepers we couldn’t have asked for a better staff this past summer, and we are just as optimistic that we will hire great students this summer. There is a list of students wanting to work for us and we are in the final stages of finalizing who will join our team! Which countries will we represent this year???? Stay tuned! We will have introductions soon!

So as you can see life in the “offseason” is anything but sleeping in with nothing to do! Steve and I are having a blast planning for this upcoming season. We are enjoying making decisions on the small changes we have done and can’t wait for another great SUMMER in OCEAN CITY, NJ.

Brandie and Steve
Scarborough Inn
an Ocean City NJ Bed and Breakfast

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